The Halifax Compassionate Club

  "When the ounce of prevention fails,
                                 we work for the pound of cure"

The Halifax Compassionate Club  (THC Club)

THC Club Society is a membership dedicated to exploring health care, protecting our right to privacy, safe access to equal health care, public education, and most of all quality of life. 

We exist solely for the mutual benefit of all cannabis consumers alike, by the warm generosity of our friends, and efforts of our volunteers. 

THC Club is a fellowship of licensed and experienced care-givers, patients, cultivators, cannabin researchers, advocates and activists.

Our membership shares the common goal of exploring phyto-cannabinoid therapies, providing free, essential services.

Please join us this August 10th, 11th, & 12th in Colchester, NS at PEACE EAST 420 FEST!  

See you there!

THC Club Free Services:

* Aid in acquiring a license

* Advocating phytocannabinoid therapies

* Cannabis modality instruction
* Cannabis growing & cooking instruction

* Education of safely accessing medicine

(Eg. pesticide free, illness specific strains, legally produced, etc.)

Public Education Projects:

  • THC Club meetings & discussions
  • Educational talks and seminars
  • On going support
  • Reporting on all cannabis s & activities
  • Cancer and Cannabis Consultation
  • Many more TBA.

If you have questions or there is a topic related to cannabis that you would like to discuss and/or have presented, please contact us. No group is too big or too small.